The love of Family!

Rest in Heaven Aunt Cookie
1955 - 2008
I miss my Aunt so much. As I was sitting at my desk today I fell into a moment
thinking about my aunt and how much I missed her and can not just pick up a phone and call her. So I am dedicating this post today to her. It's little ordinary things that is taken for granted that I miss about her. I miss her smile, calling me late at night, asking me to take her to the store, telling me I was her favorite niece and she love me, just calling to vent. I have lovely memories of her as a child and a adult and will miss her so much. She has been a important part of my life and now that she is gone, it seems like a piece of me is gone. It is hard to wrap my head around that she is not here anymore (Is that selfish?). I know there will be times when it will hit me again, like Mother's Day, Cook Outs, Birthday and all the other important days or hoildays. She left behind at a early age, 4 boys and 1 girl that she loved so much. The oldest boy (same age as me and my cousin) has became a Guardian of his younger siblings. My mother (his aunt) is there with him to help and of course I am there to help too. My heart breaks even more for them because they lost there father about 6 years ago. My girl cousin is Artistic, it is hard to understand what she feels because she is not able to tell us. I do know she feels something is not right, she carries my aunt shoe around but this is her way of expressing she misses her mother. I am amazed of how she expresses her self with out words. If you are mad or upset with a loved one, please call them and tell them you love them or go give them a hug. Life is too short! I have included some pics from the funeral and while we was down North Carolina so you can see my family. I am from Baltimore and my Aunt is from here to but we wanted to take her back home with her mom, sister, grandmother, aunts and uncles. My grandfather lives down there. Don't laugh, after seeing these pics, i realized i have gained alot of my weight back, especially in my face and stomach (wow - no I am not pregnant). They donot be joking when they say pics tell the truth.

kat said...

Beautiful words spoken from the heart. Thank you for sharing. Your Aunt is looking down from Heaven and smiling proudly at you and her family. May she rest in peace.

"Netta's Creations" said...

Thank You so much Kat, I truely appreciate it.

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