I just love this Tree

This tree i am so in love with is in my grandfathers
backyard, I just came back from visting him in
North Carolina with my family for our summer visit.
This tree is very beautiful, unlike the pictures I took with my
phone. It was very hot and bright, so i guess thats why
they look so light. Do anyone know the name of this tree?
I would love to add this tree to my upgrades i am planning
to do next year in my backyard.
I enjoyed myself, got some rest and relaxed.
I also got to start on my red, aqua and white crochet
throw for my office. I am crocheting granny squares with
a mix of reds, aquas, blues and white. I will
post pics soon of the ones i got done......
Back to work!
Cornelia said...

It's a Crape Myrtle. They won't grow in cold climates, but you can enjoy some small ones in pots and over winter them indoors. The small ones are reasonable, when I was in Missouri I would just let it died back and plant another the next spring. They vary in color. I currently have purple, white, and pink, but I used to have a huge fusia one like your picture. That tree can grow to 30' tall, but they are more closely related to a shrub than a true tree. They grow on new wood which means you should cut them back every year, but have someone who knows how to do it. If it's a tree and cut too far back it will be a bush the next year.

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