Look at my Baby's

I love my birdies!

They are so entertaining,

They are younger on these pictures,

They have gotten much bigger now.

You asked why I have 3 parakeets,

Well I wanted one, but my husband decided to get 3,

He said one would be lonely, of course he donot have

to take care of three. I have adapted to them very well now,

know what there actions mean, when they want attention and

when they donot want to bothered. Snowey is coming along

and not being so snobey, Summer is a clown - she just hops in my

hand, Sherree loves eating in my hand and the smart one to

get out, she loves the mirrors too. I have big mirrors in my

living room, when sherree gets out - she goes straight for the

mirror and sit on the edge of the chair and stare and make

faces in the mirror.

Their Names - Summer is the turquiose, white and black one

Snowey is the all white one

Sherree is the blue, white and black one

Linda said...

They are so sweet looking. I know you enjoy their company. I inherited a parrot when FIL passed away and all he does is squawk. Love your blog. So many pretty things.

Astonishing said...

Thank You Linda! They are my babies

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