Awww - I am in Love! Flea Market Style Love

I finally have my copy of this beauty!
After searching the magazine racks by the
cash registers in Shoppers Market,
I was thinking - They just have to have it...
So of course, I did not give up -
I rushed over to the magazine section down
the aisle. I searched and searched thru the magazines
and then finally I seen her peeking out from behind
some other magazines. 
I grabbed it so i could make sure I was not seeing things.
I thought to myself, how could someone 
cover up this beauty.

I love this issue better than the first one.
The first look thru was just to see the pics.
I fell in love with so many things and 
things went on my want list.
The second look thru was to actually read it.
Lots of information in there...
Worth my $10

So if you have not gotten your
hands on this cutie yet,
What you waiting on, hunt those stores
until you find it, it is worth the hunt

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