The beginning of a memory quilt - block 2 and 3 - Son Quilt

 Here is blocks 2 and 3.
As I am getting the blocks done, 
I am seeing a trend of denims, khaki and blues.
I have not done the top 
stitching for these yet.

I worked on the blocks first that
have designs or a piece from the pocket.
Blocks 1, 2, 3 and others are from 
baby and toddler clothes. 

As I am looking at the blocks, I can
remember each piece and what it was in
it's before life - PJ's, shirts, shorts and pants.
The good thing is I have pics of him in all these.
So besides having a picture of his childhood,
he will have a physical piece of clothing
from his childhood. I like that thought already.

More blocks to come...

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