Trying to get stocked up

When your business is handmade,
you have to build your inventory -

 Little by Little,
Sneaking in time,
But I would not change it for nothing...

 I love making things
and enjoy when others enjoy it also....
Just put a big smile in my heart...

 I create what my heart
is feeling at the time,
that's why you see a variety
of items in my shops -
like bags, jewelry & paper goodies.

 I believe in handmade
and it is apart of my daily life.....

 So why am I stocking up -
95% of my business is one of a kind
products, so to be able to have
a variety of items,
I have to create everyday.
When one of a kind items
is bought, it takes away from what
I have available and lower
my inventory,
and of course -
back to school & hoildays are coming...

 Enjoy yor Day!

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