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Hello There, Glad you have stopped past my
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My name is Energetic Jeannette and I am a mom to 2 wonderful kids (13 and 22), grandma to a beautiful 3 year old and a wife to my wonderful husband for 15 years. I have always been in some type of crafts since I was a little girl. I have a passion for creating and it has became a part of my daily life. Born and raised in
Maryland but Spending summers in
North Carolina when I was a little girl (as a big girl to)
gave me the love of country life and the enjoyment of 
doing things the handcrafted way. 
My mom taught me how to crochet, my 
great grandmother showed me how
 to Sew & hand quilt, peel and can fresh fruits, pick and freeze vegetables and so much more. I remember as a child
I would sneek into rooms in the old house and adore
all the old furniture and dodads that was there.
Learn a little more about me below:
What made you take the path of a small business?
Well, it just seemed like it was always a part
of me. I always had a way of making money
my way. In my teenage days - I became a 
hair stylist by people wanting there hair done
after finding out I did my unique and crazy hair do's.
At age 19 - I ran a Pager business in my home. 
Then I started a gift basket business that I displayed
and sold in local retail shops. Then I opened my first retail 
shop and that i ran by myself for 3 years. I opened my
online shop at this point to and started learning
about running a business online. Then me and my husband
 combined our retail shops to focus on his restaurant and 
ran those for about 4 years. After the economy took a
turn we closed down and ventured into other businesses.
Now I focus running my online shops, home parties,
craft shows & the joy of being a mom, wife and friend.
Maybe later I will venture into anothner shop but 
for now I am loving my life just as it is.
What are your favorite crafts?
I love to do all crafts but sewing, paper crafts,
 jewelry and crocheting have a special place
What are your favorite crafting materials?
I could not live without my Cricut, Sewing/Embroidery Machine,
heat press, computer, beautiful cardstock, fabric, glitter, 
stamps, brown ink and yarn
What styles you like?
I usually go with what moves me at that time of decision but 
my favorites are Vintage, Cottage, Shabby, Artistic, Crafty 
What are your favorite colors?
Black, Red, Turquiose, Chocolate, Sage, Creams
What was the most things you enjoyed from the country?
The delight and memories of picking vegetables from the 
garden, knocking apples from the tree, picking grapes from the
grape vine, running thru the wide open yard, peeling apples
on the carport, watching the big truck riding down the corn field
with the corn shooting out the back, rocking in the metal swing,
my grandfather taking us to skip rocks at the lake, the smell of 
the  fresh air, the lovely details in the iron headboards, 
smelling fried apples cooking, sitting under the tree with
my cousin eating our junk we got from the general store,
 I could just go on and on...
Random things about me:
1. I believe in a close family
2. I love to decorate my home
3. Love to think outside the box
4. Believe in helping others
5. Always have to be doing something
6. Love pizza
7. Have a obsession with becoming organized
8. Love Vintage
9. Love to refinish and repurpose furniture
10. Love God
Favorite Quotes:
1. Love what you do and do it well
2. Your comfort is not what others think it should be
3. Children are the future
4. The laughter of a child makes me smile
5. Nothing is untouchable

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